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Findaballer App Screen Our company Future Foundry was brought on to implement the app Findaballer - which enables athletes to book trainers.

We built the app using React Native for iOS and the backend using Rails. I contributed across the entire stack on this application but was mainly responsible for building the API while coordinating with our React Native developer.

This app is now running in production and you can check it out at Findaballer’s Website.

###Responsibilities and Tasks included:

  • Building the majority of the REST API.
  • Coordinating and working with our React Native developer regularly.
  • Building out an appointment scheduling feature with Timekit
  • Building two separate token authentication systems for Trainers and Athletes.
  • Integrating geolocation features for an Athlete i.e. finding a Trainer within a certain radius of them.
  • Integrating a payment system with Stripe.
  • Much more..